Meghan Peel currently serves as the Bureau Chief for the Children’s Mental Health Bureau within the Department of Public Health and Human Services. The CMHB is responsible for Medicaid funded mental health treatment services for children and adolescents. Additionally, the bureau works closely with other child-serving agencies, such as the Office of Public Instruction, Juvenile Probation, Child and Family Services, and other agencies doing prevention work, to maximize impact through reciprocal collaborations. Meghan has worked for the Department of Public Health and Human Services for nearly 10 years in a variety of roles, including 5 years as the Children’s Mental Health Bureau Chief.

During her tenure with CMHB, Meghan as worked to increase stakeholder involvement in policy making, and has worked closely with providers to make programmatic changes to community-based mental health services such as Comprehensive School and Community Treatment, Targeted Case Management, and Home Support Services to enhance quality, increase provider flexibility, and measure outcomes. Currently, the CMHB is doing focused work on reducing reliance on out of state residential services, implementing strategies to measure and increase quality of care, and increasing family engagement throughout treatment.

Meghan is a proud fifth-generation Montanan and lives in her hometown of Helena, Montana. She is an alum of Montana State University (though she tolerates her son rooting for the Griz), where she received a B.S. in Business and a Master’s of Professional Accountancy. In her free time, Meghan is kept busy by her two sons and enjoys spending time outdoors.