For students, their school community is a critical part of their support network and safety net. The Jed Foundation (JED) is a non-profit that works to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for teens and young adults. JED empowers students by building resiliency and life skills, promoting social connectedness, and encouraging help-seeking and help-giving behaviors through our nationally recognized JED High School and JED Campus programs, digital channels, and partnerships, as well as through the media.

JED High School and JED Campus are multi-year technical assistance programs that strengthen schools nationwide by working directly with high schools, colleges, and universities — representing millions of students — to put systems, programs, and policies in place to create a culture of caring that protects student mental health, builds life skills, and makes it more likely that struggling students will seek help and be recognized, connected to care, and supported. We mobilize communities by providing education, training, and tools to families, friends, media, and others.