About Us

Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust and Charities Through Jeremy

Our background.

The combined Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust and Charities Through Jeremy were established in memory of Jeremy Bullock in 1994 following his tragic death at Margaret Leary Elementary School in Butte, Montana. Jeremy was the unintended victim of a school shooting on April 12, 1994. The trust and foundation were established initially to construct and maintain a sports complex adjacent to the Margaret Leary school, as well as to provide funding for local organizations in support of student safety – both in memory of Jeremy and to aid students of Montana.

Our Mission

Improve student safety across Montana.

We recall how 25 years ago, people across the State of Montana mourned with our family and how experts believed it was a singular tragedy.  As a family, State and Nation, we have seen these tragedies continue.  No one person, department, organization or State can solve the problem of student safety in schools.  It literally takes a Village, which is where all of you as participants in this Summit are of critical importance.

Created as Charitable Organizations, they provide support and partnership from parents Bill and Robin Bullock, brothers and sister, Josh, Sam, Max and Kaity, grandparents Jack and Penny Copps, and uncle/aunt Steve and Lisa Bullock, as well as our extended families of Kate Stetzner and Ray Rogers to this Safe School Summit. We have a continuing goal of working towards having all children feel safe as they attend school and growing as strong citizens of Montana. We thank you for your participation in this Summit and even more, in taking back these learnings, sharing and talking about them, and continuing to improve student safety across Montana.