School Safety Recognition Awards

The School Safety Recognition Awards are part of the Jeremy Bullock Safe Schools Summit’s effort to help promote school safety. Individuals, schools, organizations, and youth all play an important role in these efforts and the awards will allow for acknowledgement of the dedication, commitment and hard work put into striving for safer schools in our communities. The awards provide an opportunity to highlight the exceptional work of select honorees that make a significant difference in our schools and communities. All nominees must be nominated by a peer, student, administrator, friend, school or organization.

Award Categories

Nominations are due by June 1, 2024
Recipients will be notified by July 1, 2024

Although attendance at the Summit is not required, we highly encourage the award recipients to join us to be celebrated. Each Award Recipient will receive a $1,000 gift to further their work in school safety. Please complete the form and submit via the website or send it to Brenda Carney at

Champion of School Safety
  • Given to: Individual or K-12 School
  • Given for: Commitment to school safety. This individual or school has made a significant contribution to school safety through leadership, strong advocacy efforts, collaboration and service to others; goes above and beyond what was expected.
Youth Safety Spotlight Award
  • Given to: Student, Youth Group, Student Support Program
  • Given for: Promoting a positive school environment. This student or group has encouraged school safety and prevention through leadership, advocacy and creative program(s). They have recognized the value of a safer community and school and took steps to implement change.
Law Enforcement or School Resource Officer (SRO) of the Year
  • Given to: Individual, team, or department who serves as an SRO or at a law enforcement agency
  • Given for: Outstanding services to their school, students, teachers and community. This award will be presented to an individual that was willing to support and further develop partnerships, exemplifies leadership, innovation, dedication, and proactive measures to enhance the safety of the school and community.

Award Nomination Form

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