Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation

The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation supports a broad spectrum of worthy organizations benefiting at-risk youth, economically and socially disadvantaged individuals and families, and those with special needs.

Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation is a philanthropy founded to help transform lives and communities by uniting people across differences to find common cause. Started in 1995 by Arthur M. Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot, the foundation has granted more than $1 billion to charitable causes. Our collective giving areas are Atlanta’s Westside, Democracy, Environment, Mental Health and Well-Being, and Youth Development. Across these areas, we take on tough challenges by uniting the courage and compassion of our communities so we can all thrive together.

In addition to these areas of giving, the foundation maintains a significant portfolio of founder-led giving based on the chairman’s personal interests and will continue its enduring commitment to the issues and relationships he cares deeply about, including the support of Atlanta and Montana nonprofit institutions, veterans and the military, and stuttering, among others. The foundation also leads giving areas for each of the for-profit businesses in Blank’s portfolio, including a unique associate-led giving program, serving as an example of how philanthropy and business can combine for social good.

Helena Public Schools

Helena Public Schools foster dynamic educational experiences that prepare all students for life. The mission of the Helena Public Schools is to challenge and empower each student to maximize individual potential and become a competent, productive, responsible, caring citizen. This mission will be supported through the wise use of resources to meet students’ needs, regardless of interests and talents. Students, families, educators and the community are committed to sharing the responsibility for creating a student-centered educational community that acknowledges learning as a life-long process.


The primary focus of the Mountain Plains MHTTC is to provide training, resources, and technical assistance to individuals serving persons with mental health disorders. Particular attention is given to serving providers with limited access to service delivery systems with attention paid to rural and agricultural communities. By providing free, innovative, and accessible learning opportunities on research-based practices in mental health services, we seek to help you better serve your communities, staff, and patients. The Mountain Plains MHTTC serves the states of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

Jerry Metcalf Foundation

Sponsorship description coming soon.

B.W. Bastian Foundation

The B.W. Bastian Foundation was founded in 1997 by tech entrepreneur Bruce Bastian, co-founder of WordPerfect. Bastian’s philanthropy has centered on cultural arts and LGBTQ equality. The B.W. Bastian Foundation strives to build community and understanding by supporting local and national institutions. Financial support is directed to the Arts through educational outreach. A strong commitment is placed on programs and organizations that benefit, encourage, and preserve the rights of individuals, promote equality for the LGBTQ+ community and HIV/AIDS programs.

Montana Office of Public Instruction

The Office of Public Instruction is one of Montana’s five constitutionally recognized offices headed by a statewide elected official. Every four years, Montanans elect a Superintendent of Public Instruction to manage the OPI. The OPI serves as Montana’s state education agency. Montana is a ‘local control in education state’ so much of the decision-making in education happens in our state’s over 400 local school districts by a locally elected board of trustees. The OPI exists to serve students, parents, and local schools.

Montana Healthcare Foundation

The Montana Healthcare Foundation makes strategic investments to improve the health and well-being of all Montanans. We contribute to a measurably healthier state by supporting access to quality and affordable health services, conducting evidence-driven research and analysis, and addressing the upstream influences on health and illness.

We provide funding and leadership to tackle Montana’s most challenging health problems. Like many foundations, we make grants, but our approach goes beyond traditional grantmaking. Through direct and grant programs, we bring creativity, discipline, and strategic expertise to the job of improving Montanans’ health.

Pioneer Technical Services

Pioneer Technical Services, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned, full-service engineering and environmental services firm. Our corporate office is located in Butte, Montana, with 4 branch offices in Montana, and 1 branch office each in Idaho and Colorado. Pioneer was founded in 1991 as an environmental science and general engineering firm. We have continuously expanded our service lines to become a premier western region environmental, civil and geotechnical engineering, construction management, land surveying, and materials testing firm. We provide innovative and comprehensive start-to-finish solutions for our customers. We embrace state-of-the art technology and strive to deliver high quality work products as efficiently as possible. This strategy has resulted in a very large percentage of repeat customers. As our world changes, we continue to stand ready to solve problems and deliver superior work products to all our customers.

MarshMcLennan Agency | PayneWest Insurance

PayneWest Insurance is a full-service insurance carrier focusing on all personal and business insurance products. Focused on our clients, colleagues and communities, PayneWest also manages the Montana Schools Property and Liability Insurance Plan, (MSPLIP). MSPLIP is the largest and longest standing property and liability insurer of Montana schools, commencing operations in 1995. MSPLIP is a leader in the scholastic public entity space and provides insurance and risk management assistance to public school districts throughout Montana.

BNSF Railway Foundation

The mission of the BNSF Railway Foundation is to support and help improve quality of life for thousands of communities across the 28 states where BNSF operates, primarily across the Midwest, Southwest and Northwest regions of the U.S. As one of the largest freight railroads in North America, BNSF Railway is focused on making a difference in the communities where our employees live, work and volunteer. The BNSF Railway Foundation is our company’s main vehicle for charitable giving.

Hilcorp Energy thanks to Cori Steed & Matthias Braedel

Helena Area Community Foundation

The Helena Area Community Foundation inspires people to make a difference by encouraging the spirit of giving to provide resources that benefit present and future generations in our communities. Through grant making and capacity building programs for nonprofits, HACF leads collaboration an investment for compassionate, safe, healthy, and resilient communities. The steady growth of HACF’s permanent endowment is attributable to the generosity of many individuals, families and businesses throughout the Helena Area and beyond.

Lewis & Clark County

Pine Cove Consulting / Verkada

For over thirty years, Pine Cove Consulting has provided technology solutions and IT services to organizations across the nation. We are attending the Jeremy Bullock Conference with our physical security partner, Verkada. Verkada specializes in cameras, door locks, sensors, alarms and so much to secure your staff, clients, and organization as a whole.

Montana State Fund

Montana State Fund is the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurance company, protecting approximately 25,000 businesses, organizations and their workers. In addition to providing injured workers the care they need to return to work, Montana State Fund is committed to making a positive impact on Montana’s workplace safety culture. We believe workers deserve a safe and healthy workplace so they can safely return home to their families at the end of each day in the same condition as when they arrived. It is our vision to be an indispensable partner in achieving a safer, healthier and more prosperous Montana.

SMA Architecture + Design

Architecture, Planning, Interior Design

Since 1981, SMA Architecture + Design has provided architectural services to educational, civic, county, institutional, private and commercial clients throughout the intermountain west. Led by Jason M. Davis, Tim Meldrum, Klint Fisher, Mark Ophus, and Charley Franklin. SMA is committed to providing the best possible project, all while ensuring the process is enjoyable. Over the years, SMA has expanded our capabilities and staff, and now have offices in both Helena and Bozeman. We believe we are in the business of not only designing great buildings, but more importantly, building relationships with our clients.

Our educational portfolio includes all scales of projects from K-12 public education, higher education to early learning centers. Ranging from new construction to renovations and additions, our goal is to first realize the vision of our clients. Moreover, we’re committed to planning educational facilities that function far into the future, and are focused on flexibility that accomodates changing pedagogy, technology needs, and enrollment.

By creatively designing functional facilities for the students, teachers, communities and staff, we strive to find a balance between future needs and a feasible budget. Our long-term needs assessment often includes cost- estimating, utilization studies, enrollment projections, programming, and bond campaign support. This process yields a high return for public projects that lead to successful schools for many years to come.

Additionally, SMA is aware of how rapidly 21st century education evolves. To stay at the forefront of educational design philosophies, we are active in professional organizations and reguarly attend conferences surrounding current topics such as safety and security, school design, technology needs and more.

Our firm is rich in experience and has a staff that is balanced from all aspects of architectural and interior design, and construction. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and work hard to achieve the vision and goals set forth by you: our client.

SMA is an active member of the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE).

NorthWestern Energy

NorthWestern Corporation, d/b/a NorthWestern Energy, is an investor-owned utility and one of the largest providers of electricity and natural gas in the northern tier states. We serve more than 746,000 customers in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. Classified as a “mid-sized” utility by most industry standards, our service territory size is one of the largest in the country. The foundation of NorthWestern’s energy business dates back to 1923, with the start of the utility operations in a few communities in South Dakota and Nebraska. Our electric system serves 297 communities and surrounding rural areas covering two-thirds of Montana, eastern South Dakota, and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Our natural gas system serves 168 communities and surrounding rural areas in Montana, South Dakota and central Nebraska. NorthWestern Energy has approximately 1,600 full-time employees. Our corporate headquarters is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with operational headquarters in Butte, Montana, and Huron, South Dakota. We are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NWE.

The Jed Foundation

For students, their school community is a critical part of their support network and safety net. The Jed Foundation (JED) is a non-profit that works to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for teens and young adults. JED empowers students by building resiliency and life skills, promoting social connectedness, and encouraging help-seeking and help-giving behaviors through our nationally recognized JED High School and JED Campus programs, digital channels, and partnerships, as well as through the media.

JED High School and JED Campus are multi-year technical assistance programs that strengthen schools nationwide by working directly with high schools, colleges, and universities — representing millions of students — to put systems, programs, and policies in place to create a culture of caring that protects student mental health, builds life skills, and makes it more likely that struggling students will seek help and be recognized, connected to care, and supported. We mobilize communities by providing education, training, and tools to families, friends, media, and others.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana

For Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, health care is deeply personal. It’s also inherently local – like us. With nearly 600 Montana-based employees, we serve more than 300,000 Montanans, including our friends, neighbors, and our very own families. Our purpose is to make health care more affordable and accessible by driving innovation, building healthier communities, and delivering excellent service.

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc.

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) organization that works to promote gun safety legislation and initiatives and reducing gun violence through the education of policymakers, the public, and the media and organizing communities in support of gun safety.

St. Peter’s Foundation

St. Peter’s Health Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals and our community. Our mission is to enhance healthcare and wellness, and the Foundation is grateful for every donation received because each gift, no matter how big or small, is an investment in the health of our community. The Foundation is part of St. Peter’s Health, a nonprofit health care system in Helena, Montana. We provide services to an estimated 97,000 residents from a five-county area. Our services include a 99-bed acute care hospital, physician clinics, cancer treatment center, 24-bed behavioral health unit, urgent care clinics, home health and hospice care, dialysis center, ambulance services and more. Both Foundation and Regional Medical Center are overseen by a board of directors that includes leaders and health experts who are committed to ensuring we provide exceptional health care to our community.

Mountain Health CO-OP

We believe that Montanans, Idahoans, and Wyomingites should have access to affordable quality healthcare – which is why our members govern our CO-OP.

We believe in investing profits back into our members through added benefits and services like dental and vision reimbursements, telehealth, travel benefits, and low cost prescriptions.

Come as you are, whoever you are. We’re Mountain Health CO-OP. We belong to you, and you belong here.

Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust

The combined Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust and Charities Through Jeremy were established in memory of Jeremy Bullock in 1994 following his tragic death at Margaret Leary Elementary School in Butte, Montana. Jeremy was the unintended victim of a school shooting on April 12, 1994. The trust and foundation were established initially to construct and maintain a sports complex adjacent to the Margaret Leary school, as well as to provide funding for local organizations in support of student safety – both in memory of Jeremy and to aid students of Montana.

Charities Through Jeremy

The combined Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust and Charities Through Jeremy were established in memory of Jeremy Bullock in 1994 following his tragic death at Margaret Leary Elementary School in Butte, Montana. Jeremy was the unintended victim of a school shooting on April 12, 1994. The trust and foundation were established initially to construct and maintain a sports complex adjacent to the Margaret Leary school, as well as to provide funding for local organizations in support of student safety – both in memory of Jeremy and to aid students of Montana.

Jack and Penny Copps

Lt. Richard Max Bullock