Tammy Tolleson Knee, LCSW, EdS is the School Support Liaison for the Montana Safe Schools Center (MSSC) located in the Department of Education at the University of Montana. Tammy coordinates the VAST (Virtually Assisted School Team) program, trains in the areas of standard response protocol, threat assessment and crisis response and conducts school safety, security, accessibility, and emergency preparedness assessments. Tammy also serves as a member of Missoula’s behavioral health committee. Over the last three decades, Tammy’s professional work as a Licensed School Counselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker has spanned three states, seven K-12 schools, and one university. Tammy’s work in schools has focused on identifying, developing, and implementing prevention and treatment interventions that support students’ mental health, positive behavior, and physical/emotional safety. At the University of Montana, Tammy supervised graduate level social work students completing internships in a variety of agencies around the state of Montana. She has also taught nine separate undergraduate and graduate courses. When Tammy is not engaged in her work at MSSC or playing jokes on co-workers, she spends time with her family, hikes around Montana, and convinces her husband to join her latest remodeling project.